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It’s More Than a Donation: Developing Our View of Fundraising

Like many in the fundraising profession, I was chosen by the field. Frustrated by discussions about programs that might have to be discontinued because of funding limitations, I decided that I wanted to have a hand in ensuring that non-profit organizations would have all that was needed to carry out their missions. This included staffing, equipment, technology, space and more often than not, money.  With this as my motivation, I jumped into fundraising with both feet.

The way I manage the energy I put into fundraising and my expectations of my profession is to connect fundraising (and charitable giving) to a cause. I believe that if we focus our asking and giving on how these actions promote what we believe in, it not only takes the stress out of raising money but it puts our involvement into perspective. To see this all we have to do is look at the impact donations secured for non-profits through fundraising have had on politics, advances in medical research, education, and some of our society’s most pressing needs.

Let’s take a look at what I do now. In my current capacity as a consultant for the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation (TMWF), my work plays a major part in providing victims of domestic violence with safety and resources thereby bringing them peace of mind. Since working with these courageous women, my world has opened up to gaining a tremendously deeper understanding of domestic violence as well as cultures and people whose stories are much different from my own. Every time I ask a donor to support our domestic violence program, I know that I am helping someone escape the painful cycle of abuse. 

By the way, TMWF serves all victims regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, etc. and our efforts include prevention as well as intervention. Please take time to check us out at and feel free to support us today. No gift is too small. ;-)

Okay, let’s get back on track.

Said to make up a third sector (after government and for-profit), non-profits have a long history of serving the unmet needs of our communities. Non-profits balance the motivations of profit and politics to improve society and charitable gifts provide the resources needed to do this effectively. I often ask prospective donors, “What do you want to say through your giving? What do you want to improve as it relates to this cause?” As donors, charitable giving empowers us to make our voices heard on issues that matter most to us and as fundraisers, securing support commits us to helping donors to achieve their vision within the contexts of our respective organizations.

In later entries, I will share my views on everything from creating sustainable fundraising success to increasing the effectiveness of your charitable giving. As I continue to put virtual pen to paper on this blog, I hope that we can fortify the world of fundraising together.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.



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